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India Palace Pittsburgh Review

India Palace
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Ph: 412-471-0660

Lunch - 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Dinner - 5:00PM to 9:00PM
Closed Sunday

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India Palace ©

India Palace Pittsburgh: Bland & Tasteless Food; Good Masala Tea

India Palace restaurant is set in a nice location in downtown Pittsburgh.

India Palace has a spacious room with comfortable seating.
Golly, India Palace even has nice, friendly and warm service. A rarity at most Indian restaurants in the U.S.

All India Palace lacks is decent food. And a capable Chef, we might add.

India Palace, which is located on 5th Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh, must surely rank as one of our worst eating misadventures.

Tasteless Food

Try as we did, it's hard to defend food this bland and bad.

Channa Masala, Alu Gobi Masala and Cabbage Peas Fry were all so uniformly bland as to make them wholly unpalatable. Alu Gobi Masala and Cabbage Peas Fry actually bordered on the unedible.

Little thought seems to have gone into their preparation save an attempt to cobble up dishes with hardly a thought to getting proportions right.

Alu Tikki was oily but crisp while the Naan bread was passable.

One of our favorite meat dishes, Chicken Makhani, was below average.

But the Tandoori Chicken was average. Hey, by this time we were grateful for small mercies.

Set in a tasty gravy, Mutter Panner was one of the few saving graces of this restaurant.

Fine Masala Tea

Masala Tea was the other noteworthy item as was the Soji Halwa dessert.

Indian restaurants are increasingly forgetting the art of making a good cup of Masala Chai. So, it's gratifying to note that there still exist places like India Palace in Pittsburgh where one can find a cup of genuine, hot Masala Tea.

While India Palace's menu proclaims its "goal is to provide quality flavorful food that is made with the blend of fine ingredients, spices and herbs that are used since centuries," the reality of the food at this downtown Pittsburgh restaurant is a dismaying story.

India Palace's menu is almost completely North Indian.

With food this unappetizing, it's easy to alienate diners. During our visit during lunch, there were hardly any other folks and the restaurant was mostly empty. Hardly surprising. - ©

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